Tiffany was wonderful! Although we had some last minute changes (all within contract) she was able to roll with the punches! We’re looking forward to our next event with Tiffany by our side! Thanks Tiffany!


I used Tiffany's Catering for my husband's birthday party and she was amazing in her attention to detail and it was a great spread for our dessert table and the buffet table. Our theme was Havana Nights and Tiffany was super helpful in creating the perfect party environment that fit the theme so well. Her servers and bartender that I hired from her company were fantastic as well. I would highly recommend Tiffany's Catering and can't wait to use her again for our future events!


I loved loved how flexible and wonderful my caterer was, she was able to provide both catering and wedding supplies. She really worked with me on affordability and was the sweetest and kindest person. I really enjoyed her and her staff. The food was great!


Tiffany Catered our wedding reception, and it was by far the best experience that we could of asked for. Her staff was so professional and helpful. Our food was delicious, and my sweet table was superb!! Thank you Tiffany for making our evening the best I could of ever asked for!!


Tiffany was amazing and she was one key person who made my husband and I day run as smooth as possible. Our guest had to wait a bit eat and a lot of the guest said it was definitely worth the wait. Her food and portions were amazing.
We had pasta, chicken, salmon, and stuffed tomato’s. Her packaging was everything for what we got. Her decor matched ours perfectly. On a personal and professional note… She checked on us during the wedding showing she actually cared about who we are as a couple then followed up with asking are we doing toast and cutting cake soon…because the schedule didn’t go as planned. I could appreciate her not showing if she was frantic and not making us worry about what is not rolling the way we planned. It showed she is caring and very professional. That was only one of many things that stood out on our day. So much more to say but I would definitely work with her again in the future!

Nicholas and Erica Wedding

My husband and I are very happy with our decision to hire Tiffany's Catering for our wedding. Everything turned out exactly how we planned it - from the appetizers (which everyone LOVED) to the buffet service and our beautiful table settings. They are also extremely affordable compared to other caterers that we looked at. And an extra 5 stars for our cake! Elaine, Tiffany's baker, delivered us the wedding cake of our dreams. We were stunned with how beautiful it was and it tasted just as good as it looked. Tiffany's servers and catering team were also very helpful and on top of things. There were zero issues at our wedding and everything ran smoothly. That's the best that you can ask for! Thanks Tiffany!

Sarah S


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